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Wanderlust - CD

Wanderlust - CD


My debut EP, Wanderlust, was released in 2015. Writing commenced when returning to Australia after touring the UK with Miners Club in 2009.


The drafting of this composition was fast. However, I struggled to find time & inspiration to complete the work.


In 2014 I moved to Nyapari, a remote community in the APY Lands where I worked & lived. This offered time & inspiration to complete the work.


Wanderlust is an audio diary of my travels & adventures over the years, bringing to life the sights, sounds, highs & lows I'd experienced along the way.


I performed the majority of the instrumentation myself, including contributions from violinists Rachel Snow & Phil Samuels.


Tracks titles are listed in Pitjantjatjara to honour the people of Nyapari & Kanpi who shared their home & culture. I'm forever grateful for both their friendship & hospitality.


Released August 30, 2015.


Written & Produced - Mark J Turner

Mixed & Co-Produced - Jeffro Lackscheide

Mastered - Chris Sansom, Propeller Mastering


Performed by Mark J Turner

Violin - Phil Samuels (Kutjara)

Violin - Rachel Snow (Mangkurpa)

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